Real Estate Life Cycle

Real Estate life cycle has 6 different stages

  1. Feasibility Analysis
    • Highest and best use analysis
    • Establishing reliable and accurate financial modeling
    • Cash and earnings forecasts
    • Market and product research
    • Due diligence assessments
  2. Land Acquisition
    • Assessment planning, including site constraints and design options
    • Land acquisition and divestment
    • Advising on easements, encroachments, existing improvements, statutory charges and tenants
  3. Design & Design Development
    • Dealing with local and state government, and regulatory authorities
    • Advising on capital and funding
    • Advising on environmental constraints
    • Dealing with lapsed approvals
    • Advising on product design
  4. Construction
    • Construction supervision
    • Advising on contractor viability and licensing
    • Handling contractor disputes and claims
    • Ensuring transparency between contractors and developers
    • Progress claim management
    • Advising on engineering concerns
    • Defect rectification
    • Site Superintendent
    • Completion of partially complete project when builder defaults
    • Obtaining certification and on-maintenance.
  5. Operations & Maintenance
  6. Investment Sales

About the author: Vijay Kumar Gupta

Vijay Kumar Gupta, has more than 20 years of industry experience into various industry domains. He is an MBA in Real Estate & Urban Infrastructure from RICS School of Built Environment, accredited by Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

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